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It’s a five letter word, not four

By, Christine Wilson, PhD, ANP-BC, FNP-B
May 26, 2022

It’s that five letter word that became worse than any four letter word ever used. 

And it ain’t over until the fat lady sings… and she hasn’t even started singing…

The New York Times just published an article on May 16, 2022 reporting that COVID-19 cases have surged again, especially in the Northeast and Midwest. In fact, the numbers are threefold higher than at the peak with the Delta strain. Unfortunately, 66% of those cases had been fully vaccinated, and another 12% had one injection, so while the vaccine may decrease severity, it may not totally prevent you from contracting the virus.1 So how can you take care of your family?

Well, first with today’s data, vaccination seems the best way to prevent serious illness or death so that is considered the first step. But what if one of your family becomes symptomatic?  Is it the flu, allergies or the new Big C?  How can you tell?

You may recall the Florida Surgeon General called for Floridians to decrease testing back in January 2022. But that was also the time Governor DeSantos explained that the Surgeon General was putting out new guidelines to test the elderly and not third graders. Why?  Because a positive test for a normal third grader does not change therapy or outcome, but it does in the elderly. 

Also at the time there was a shortage of testing kits in Florida and the Federal government was controlling the kits2. So maybe the Surgeon General wasn’t so wrong for his population and lack of kits. But what about your family?

This March, yes, March 2022 the Journal of the American Medical Association published a peer review article stating, “testing results are not reliably linked with …, vaccination status, … the availability of reliable rapid tests remains limited…3

And as much as we would like to think it is, Covid is not over yet. And how the heck do we know how to live with new variants, policies, warnings, maskings, regulations, etc changing our lives everyday?  And if I feel good now, what about when the next variant comes along?

You should do what is right for you and your family in light of COVID. Do you have kids in school?  Then check the District’s rules for testing. Don’t wait until your child is coughing from seasonal allergies to try to buy a test kit. Keep what your District requires on hand.

When it is flu season, is there an elderly person in your home?  Both the flu and COVID could be big trouble for them, but we now have treatments for both and the sooner they start the treatments, the better.

If you are traveling, and a member of your family gets ill, do you want to run out in a strange place and try to find a test kit?  Or have one on hand?

When the Omicron variant hit, there was another upsurge in test buying4; will that happen again with the next variant?  Will Delta and the Omicron surge next fall? At a time your family needs a kit? No one knows but perhaps having one on hand may make sense for your family. You need to be in control of your family’s health.

Meenta wants to help you do just that. We believe in providing ACCESS to validated tests to every Individual. Our goal is to empower you in caring for your family. Feel free to call customer service at  1-888-204-5303 if you have any questions. Also, be sure to stay connected with us on LinkedIn!


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