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Beta Program Requirements

Our program is flexible and easy to use. Here are the basic requirements to be a part of the program.

  • Signup and provision an instrument on Meenta.

    Our signup process is quick and its free. Our instrument
    setup wizard allows you to configure an instrument to meet
    your organizations requirements.

  • Own or have access to a NovaSeq.

    Phase one, we are focusing on the lane matching
    issues for NovaSeq instruments. We will be expanding
    this beta to support older Illumina instruments.

  • Willingness to provide feedback on the Beta features.

    We need feedback on how best to build out our matching
    service to work with different service providers individual

  • Willingness to invite users to the program.

    Your users’ feedback will be helpful. If you have users
    who are willing to provide feedback, this will help us tune
    the service for researchers expectations.

What to Expect

  • 1. Initial Survey

    The first step is to complete our application survey and an initial call to review your lab and the program steps. This only takes a few minutes for the survey and then a 30 minute call.

    If you don’t have an instrument on Meenta, we can schedule a demo and train you on how to get an instrument live.

  • 2. Mockup Reviews

    When ready, you and your team will get access to our application summary, mockups and prototypes. Your feedback will help our product team tune the initial launch features. During the program, will share some feature surveys and will ask for  time to follow-up on specific feedback and comments.

  • 3. Prototype(s)

    As our prototypes become available you and your team will get early access and the opportunity to provide feedback.

    If you have tested users who are interested in beta testing, you can share access and train your staff on how best to use this service in your current lab’s pipelines.

    4. Post Launch Access

    When the Lane Sharing service goes live you will get early access, and the access to both our development and customer   team to ensure you and your customers have a good experience during launch.

Post Beta Program

Whats next? Well, if you and your team like how this works, we are happy to continue the working relationship. We have a number of new features coming that you can get early access to.

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