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Meenta Dashboard


Meenta Dashboard: turning testing data into insights

Manage all of your organization's diagnostic and surveillance testing in one place, no matter how many testing sites you have.  
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MeentaSafe ™ Symptom Tracking App

$10.00 / month
The MeentaSafe™ platform is an all-inclusive solution for keeping your organization safe in this pandemic.
  • Symptom tracking: daily surveys result in a green “cleared” status, or a red “flagged” status determining if someone is safe to enter your location
  • Contact tracing: QR scanning can be used with the MeentaSafe™ Kiosk app to track foot traffic and trace possible exposure
  • Site control: QR code reveals if a person is flagged due to symptoms, exposure, or non-compliance
  • Analytics dashboard: organizations are provided population-level statistics to make informed decisions
  • Data security: all data workflows are HIPAA and SOC1-compliant allowing users to maintain data ownership
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Mirimus Box

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Pool Testing for COVID-19 with Meenta and Mirimus for Small to Medium Businesses (< 250 people)

From: $1,500.00 for 3 months
Testing is the best way to give your large group or organization the confidence to return to work in person. Meenta has partnered with Mirimus for over 12 months to safely test for COVID-19 in around the country, using pool testing to dramatically reduce costs. In addition to our custom software, this package includes the technology and expert customer support to keep your workplace open with confidence.
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