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If you want to make a positive impact towards improving the lives of people that have a disease without a cure or treatment, you are not alone.

Welcome to Curesology™. There are more than 6,800 rare diseases affecting 25 million to 30 million Americans (1), yet only about 5 percent have treatments (2, 3). However, giving to traditional charity organizations can feel like throwing money into a black hole. Some offer stories of patients receiving help, others offer a community to rally your spirits, but none offer a direct and concrete connection between your giving and scientific discovery. In Curesology™, we have two values that we hold dear:

  1. #Transparency: Disease researchers should engage donors by explaining what was actually done with their donation and how that research provides insights that could lead to a cure.
  2. #GiveFirst: Charitable organizations shouldn’t use your donations to pay for “overhead.” They should be enabling researchers to cure disease.

That’s why, in the Curesology™ program, we provide the first, tax-deductible way to donate directly to specific research experiments that could lead to a cure for the disease that you are passionate about. We connect real researchers with donors to help tell you the story of how your money is changing science in concrete ways. We also promise that 100% of your final donation will go to research. In fact, Meenta also matches a small number of donations for diseases that we are passionate about, so we’re in this as well.

Interested in another cause (not listed)?

We have a creative and compassionate customer base that we want to empower to make a bigger difference in the world. If there is another human disease that you care about, let us know at curesology@meenta.io and we will start a fund in that category once you donate to it. Your opinion means a lot to us, and we want to show you that we are listening.

Read the full press release here.

This program can accelerate needed funding for a wide range of diseases and ailments, and connect key experimental and computational resources to teams that are pushing the boundaries of science.

Christopher E. Mason, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Director, WorldQuant Initiative for Quantitative Prediction Physiology and Biophysics/Feil Family Brain and Mind Institute/Institute for Computational Biomedicine, Weill Cornell Medicine

Givinga built Philantech® to revolutionize the way we give, and Meenta brings an innovative, impactful approach. We are so excited to partner with Meenta in their mission to provide better access for researchers to get the funds and tools they need to discover cures and treatments.

Dani Engelking

VP of Strategic Partnerships at Givinga

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