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Find and Book Genomics Workflows Online

As a consumer, you can buy almost everything online.  The same should be available for life science research.  In this microcosm of science, some of the most educated and talented people on the planet still rely on word of mouth to find cutting edge technologies. The equipment and their associated services costs millions of dollars, yet scientists at prestigious universities and pharmaceutical companies are still forced to ask friends and colleagues where to send biological samples for processing. Here at Meenta, we want to empower each and every scientist to be able to send samples from anywhere in the world to any instrument in the world!

  • Send your samples anytime to any instrument in the world via Meenta, Inc.

The challenge that the industry faces is not only about conducting good science and finding funding, but how to access tools that already exist. For example, most scientists don’t have access to pricing sheets on genomic services that can fluctuate from one facility to the next, especially among all of the academic cores. Scientists do not have time to gather and compare pricing. Normally, a researcher or facility finds a vendor, collaborator, or legacy partner, and then accepts that they are part of the scientist’s working conditions and are as good as any other.  The busy scientist needs to be assured they are getting a good value for their investment and getting high quality data quickly.  

  • Meenta, Inc has created a marketplace for accessing scientific equipment, sample prep and basic analysis.

If we select shoes online based on reviews, price etc. we then may add on the socks and other associated items…a la carte.  Where do you get a la carte services in science?  At Meenta, Inc. this type of a la carte marketplace was developed before the pandemic and then optimized for COVID-19 testing and other types of clinical tests. To date, this marketplace has been used by small and large employers, grade schools/universities, and consumers.  Over 150K unique tests were administered through the Meenta Marketplace in 2021.  Meenta has continued to expand the Marketplace for clinical diagnostic testing and Life Science Research Services. 

  • Researchers can easily access scientific equipment, sample prep and basic analysis.

To bolster the Marketplace, Meenta recently announced a partnership with Agilent TechnologiesAgilent Technologies is a spin-off of Hewlett-Packard Company which broke records on November 18, 1999 as the largest initial public offering (IPO) in Silicon Valley history! Now, for the first time ever, scientists can find an instrument, add on Agilent’s exome enrichment reagents, and include basic analysis all in a simple click and book workflow! Now there is no need to wonder where to sequence those libraries or when those samples will be prepped. All of the project components are bundled into workflows right on the Marketplace. These workflows are “live” meaning that, just like on Airbnb, these instruments are available and will run in the time frame that the user selects. Best of all there is no guessing when the project will complete as the Marketplace manages all of the steps and alerts both users and the service lab of where the samples are in the workflow. Researchers benefit with increased NGS service provider options, direct access to scientific expertise, guaranteed turn-around time and data quality. Vetted and trusted academic core labs win with increased access to researchers and well defined projects. The vendor, Agilent, gains a new channel.  The Meenta Marketplace expands its research-based offerings, workflows, and applications. 

     In both Clinical Diagnostic Testing and Life Science Research, the end-user is in complete control.  The Meenta Marketplace is built specifically for your needs.  The Agilent SureSelect exome workflow, from nucleic acid isolation to analysis, can be ordered online just like anything else.  No emails, no quotes, just click what you need and checkout. Get data within 12-days from when the lab receives the sample(s).

Check out the  Agilent Exome Sequencing Workflow here and schedule a call with one of our scientists to get started today.

  • Meenta, Inc has now partnered with Agilent Technologies!  Now for the first time ever, scientists can find an instrument, add on Agilent’s exome enrichment reagents, and include basic analysis all in a simple click and book workflow!

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