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The way that science is funded in the U.S. is fundamentally flawed. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) generally funds the top ~10-20% of applications that they receive, depending on the institute. However:

Also considering that (with inflation) overall NIH funding levels haven’t changed much in the last couple decades, it is no wonder that scientists are frustrated with the current funding system. Here at Meenta, we have built a community of researchers and people who care about the impact of that research so much that they want to fund it. Stop spending 8-20 months applying for NIH grants for the possibility that it will not even be discussed. Apply for a grant now to get an answer within two weeks and get an opportunity to share your research directly with the people who care about it the most.

Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Apply for a Meenta Gives fund. Notice of awards generally takes ~2 weeks.
  2. Submit your samples for sequencing on Meenta Genomics with up to 92% off your project cost.
  3. Share your research with the people who care most about your work how you are working towards a cure for human disease.


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