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More Than Just A Marketplace

As a small company, a small marketplace really, we are a group of eclectic personalities, values, emotions, and moods.  We were hired with the expectation of having specific skills, abilities, personalities, and values.  When you put who we are outside of work with the people we are at work, we function to move mountains that would make the Greek gods proud of the technological revolution that is our company.  Emotion and intelligence dictate that there is no Zeus without Hades, no Aphrodite without Athena.  As a whole, they make up the yin and yang of their time and ours. 

Software Development, Black Eyes and Lacrosse in Costa Rica

When you walk around the city, you sometimes notice the person wearing Gucci boots or a Gucci bag.  Have you ever met a ‘Gucci’ software developer?  Probably not, as most of the technical expertise in a company sits behind the scenes of what you see in that company every day.  Luis is one of Meenta’s more senior Software Developers who also happens to play professional Lacrosse in Costa Rica, but did you know that Costa Rica has lacrosse teams? Neither did Luis 2 years ago!

Costa Rica is a small country whose main sport is soccer so there are only 5 Lacrosse teams in Costa Rica that have around 50 active Lacrosse players that have played several world championships.

His story begins with family.  Luis’ brother-in-law (BIL) lived in Miami for several years during his teens, he played Lacrosse but he stopped playing when he moved to Costa Rica.  Several years later he learned there was a Lacrosse team in the area called San Pedro Gents He got in and got all the way to the national team, playing in Denver for the 2019 Box Lacrosse World Cup.

One of the main missions after the World Cup was to get more people interested in the sport.  Luis’ brother-in-law recruited Luis, a 27 years old Software Engineer, passionate about sports since his childhood. Luis’ first training session, Luis’ BIL and he were passing the ball, his BIL was without a helmet and Luis hit him in the eye from a very long distance with the ball.  The worst “thank you for getting me into lacrosse” black eye ever.

In his first National Championship, they played  Sixes for the first time (a branch of Lacrosse that is significantly different from the famous Field Lacrosse with only 6 players, including the goalkeeper, in the field).  His team’s overall performance at the championship was very poor, unfortunately, and they ended up in last place…but the rookie Software Engineer managed to score in every game and get highlighted for the team. 

In the last National Championship, very close to the Latin America championship hosted in Costa Rica, the San Pedro Gents had 7 players out of 10 in the national team and managed to get second place in the tournament.  In Lacrosse, you have unlimited substitutions, usually- all the teams have the same amount of substitutions, but have a small number of players overall in the country. Gents had only 10, the smallest team in the league, yet managed to get all the way to second place. 

It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters. – Paul “Bear” Bryant

For personal reasons, Luis withdrew from the national team selection for the following year. His goal is to make the national team and get ready for the next World Championship and maybe the Olympics. Costa Rica Lacrosse is growing and Luis and his teammates are hungry for winning!

Athletes and Gamers Ride With The Easter Eggs of the Meenta World

Meenta took a unique jump into the gaming world in 2021.  The experience was nothing but friendly Boss (noob slang for, working with them was nothing but awesome and required all of our expertise to get them situated for their big events). Best known for League of Legends, this group needed a legendary leader to make their gathering AAA.  Kristi, Princess of Meenta, was the pixel-powered superstar who led the Gamers to battle the COVID-19 enemies that tried to prevent the Riot Games from happening.  Alas, the enemy’s plan did not work and the games were a success.  

On the other side of the country, more games had been taking place and a fire was lit to welcome the games and the passions within those competing.  There are those within Meenta that understand the passion within. This past summer, two of Meenta’s biggest sports fanatics, one so BIG it probably sent him to the hospital once or twice, helped a coach and an athlete set their souls ablaze. 

“The day before I left for Tokyo and had to complete two negative covid tests provided to me by your company. I ended up having three of my four tests come back inconclusive, which we believe to be because of my error. I gave a call to the number you posted on your website and received a call within the hour, on a Saturday, I might add. I worked with Dora ….through the difficulties that I was having with the tests. 

We had some time to chat during this, where she only spoke the highest praises of your company and the support she has gotten from everyone from her work environment to the company supporting her in continuing her education for a management degree. This was all while assuring me that I would be able to get another test and head to Tokyo and that I would be able to get on my flight on Sunday morning. Eventually, she connected me to John, who said he had a few spare tests that he could meet me to give to me. We found a meeting spot, and he gave me two tests and helped me administer this test to figure out what I was doing incorrectly. I ended up getting the negative result that I needed to get on the flight the next day.”

Twitter post and personal email by Jonathan Green, Coach of Molly Seidel, United States Olympic Marathoner

Most people close a blog with insight, hope, and a learning lesson.  There really isn’t a need for that here because, again, we simply move mountains that would make the Greek gods proud.  Cheers to your passion and your health!

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