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Meenta Marketplace and Path SpermQT Partner together to raise the Standard of Care for Male Fertility

NEWS PROVIDED BY Meenta  BOSTON, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Meenta Inc. and Path Fertility have formed a partnership to feature Path SpermQT™ on the Meenta Marketplace. Path Fertility is focused on making a difference in male reproductive health through its revolutionary epigenetic technology. Its advanced male fertility test, Path SpermQT, goes beyond standard semen analysis parameters to analyze epigenetic quality factors in sperm that […]

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Bringing Genomics Speed and Affordability to Forefront of Science and Medicine With Meenta and Agilent Technologies Partnership

Meenta, Inc. announces today their partnership with Agilent Technologies to move the needle on research advancements for scientists who lack funding for instruments but still need data for research projects. The partnership is inspired by the need for research to have access to instrumentation and reagents that are not only available but affordable. As a marketplace Meenta can aggregate demand thereby reducing cost of consumables and easily compare options with transparent pricing. Send samples, not emails.

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Precision Genetics Puts Mental Health at the Forefront of Our Country’s Recovery from the Pandemic with Meenta Marketplace as its Partner

GREENVILLE, S.C., May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Precision Genetics Inc. is making its first foray into providing their health products through the world’s largest testing marketplace, announcing today that it will be offering its Precision Mental HealthRx Solution for pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing nationwide with Meenta, Inc. Currently available to anyone through the Meenta Marketplace, Precision Mental Health Rx SOLUTIONS will be available online […]

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Meenta Launches Direct-To-Research Philanthropy with Givinga

Today, Meenta Inc, unveiled its Curesology program, the first philanthropic giving program bringing cutting-edge research directly within reach of donors worldwide. By joining with the charity platform provided by Givinga along with the scientific community already using the Meenta Platform, donors can finally rest assured that all donations are allotted to research towards treating or curing the disease of interest.

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Gold Standard Testing for Gold Medal Hopefuls: USA Boxing safely trains for Tokyo games using Meenta for COVID-19 Testing

BOSTON, Mass. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., May 25, 2021 — Meenta, the world’s largest testing marketplace, and USA Boxing, announce their COVID-19 testing partnership and success in implementing ‘best-in-class’ athlete safety and testing protocols since January 2021. The protocols, which include bubble guidelines, are essential so these high-risk athletes can train together and stay safe while they prepare for the 2021 Olympic Games. […]

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Getting America open again begins with creating confidence and enabling citizens to go back to work and school without fear of contracting COVID. The Back to School Conference: Safely Opening Classrooms in 2021 will be a hybrid (in-person) and virtual conference to demonstrate how this is now possible. On April 13th – 14th thought leaders will assemble in Las Vegas Nevada to build strategies to keep schools open. We will profile successful approaches and showcase advanced technologies and solutions to make schools safe.

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Meenta Accelerates COVID-19 Testing and Reporting with Flatfile Data Importer

Biotech, life sciences, and other high-tech companies often need expensive instruments to conduct research and carry out testing. The problem? They don’t have a use for this equipment all the time, so it often sits idle. If shared properly, this available bandwidth could be used by many different companies, reducing their need to buy the equipment themselves. The obstacle is that companies with available equipment and the companies that need to use that equipment can’t easily connect.

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Building a bridge to normalcy, some companies follow the universities’ example and test employees regularly

Employers are also starting to use testing for specific assignments. Meenta, for example, recently developed a protocol for a New York law firm that needed to create a bubble-like environment for a weeklong trial that brought together a dozen East Coast lawyers. They took molecular tests before and after the trial and throughout the week received rapid tests administered by a nurse. No one got sick.

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Meenta launches world’s largest COVID-19 testing platform

Boston-based online platform Meenta Inc. announced the launch of the world’s most comprehensive COVID-19 testing solution. Utilizing the nation’s largest proprietary, digitized network of FDA/EUA-certified labs and testing, Meenta is uniquely positioned to help universities, businesses, agricultural companies, manufacturers, sports, and entertainment organizations seamlessly access these labs, thus eliminating testing supply chain issues and long result wait times.

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