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Meenta Launches Direct-To-Research Philanthropy with Givinga

Boston, MA, November 29, 2021.

Today, Meenta Inc, unveiled its Curesology program, the first philanthropic giving program bringing cutting-edge research directly within reach of donors worldwide. By joining with the charity platform provided by Givinga along with the scientific community already using the Meenta Platform, donors can finally rest assured that all donations are allotted to research towards treating or curing the disease of interest. 

The program’s visibility allows donors to maximize the per-dollar impact on disease research. Even the most highly rated charitable organizations often divert 25% of donations that they receive to operation costs and other expenses not directly going to their cause. Curesology removes the bureaucracy and inefficiency of charitable giving organizations and allows you to make a difference yourself.

Givinga built Philantech® to revolutionize the way we give, and Meenta brings an innovative, impactful approach. We are so excited to partner with Meenta in their mission to provide better access for researchers to get the funds and tools they need to discover cures and treatments. – Dani Engelking, Givinga’s VP of Strategic Partnerships.

When a fund on the Curesology website (https://www.meenta.io/curesology/) reaches at least $5,000, researchers in that field will then apply for those funds. Within two weeks of that application,, the Meenta Scientific Review Committee, consisting of world-class scientific minds, awards the funding based on the applications reviewed. Once awarded, the researchers are required to provide evidence that the money was used as intended and describe the work done.

Now every penny you donate can go directly to the brilliant minds that are already making a difference. Think about that for a minute. This program spends zero percent overhead. How many charitable organizations can say that? — Stephan Smith, Chief Technology Officer at Meenta.

Oftentimes, not enough visible progress is being made in research on human disease, and when there is progress, it is often not communicated effectively with the general public. Curesology propels the speed of research while tying in our belief that disease research desperately needs to more specifically engage donors by detailing what was done with the donation, and how it is paying off.

I’ve given to some of these large charities, and it felt like throwing my money into a black hole. They might offer you a tear-jerking story or a shoulder to cry on, but if you want to make the most impact as directly as possible, then there is nothing quite like Curesology out there right now. — Kyle Tretina, Ph.D., Product Marketing Manager at Meenta.

With Curesology, anyone can go from donor of funds to driver of a cause. If you are looking to donate towards a cure for human disease, visit https://www.meenta.io/curesology/ for more information.


About Meenta Inc.

Meenta was born out of the idea that life science and diagnostics could greatly benefit from the technological revolution that has forever changed the way we shop, dine, vacation, and catch a ride. Grounded in technology and sitting at the intersection of supply and demand, the Meenta marketplace brings together the widest array of testing products and laboratory services combined with world-class scientific expertise and clinical oversight all in one place. Meenta exists to completely revolutionize the way the world accesses diagnostic testing and laboratory capabilities. Our vision is to make all of the world’s scientific equipment and clinical tests accessible to everyone.


About Givinga

Founded in 2015, Givinga was built around the idea that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Recognized by Fast Company as a 2021 World-Changing Ideas finalist, Givinga’s Philantech® cloud offering combines philanthropic tools with financial technology, empowering companies to develop modern giving solutions that align with and enhance corporate strategy. Its products support enterprise partners powering workplace giving, startups reimagining B2C charitable giving, financial service companies offering social impact investing, and foundations looking to enhance donor engagement. www.givinga.com

Contact Name: Kyle Tretina, Ph.D.
Phone: 1-888-204-5303
Email: kyle@meenta.io

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