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Avagen Genetic Eye Test


AvaGen Genetic Eye Test

75 GENES AND OVER 2,000 VARIANTS POWER AVAGEN™, the first and leading personalized genetic eye test. AvaGen quantifies the risk or presence of keratoconus and other corneal genetic disorders caused by gene variants. AvaGen delivers a valuable tool for early and accurate decision-making that protects vision for patients and their families.  
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Precision Genetics Mental Health Neuropharmagen Pharmacogenetic PCR Test


We take pride in providing patients the best genetics in mental health care. At Precision Genetics, our goal is to help create an environment where mental health is achievable in a timely, affordable manner. With the Precision Mental Health Rx Solution, Neuropharmagen® PGx test, we believe we are doing just that for your patients personalized mental health and well-being.

Our unique test analyses a specific group of genes that are known to be involved in drug metabolism for a broad range of medications used in the treatment of mental health conditions. The Neuropharmagen® report provides detailed interpretation and prescribing recommendations for many antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics/hypnotics ADHD medications and stabilizers and anticonvulsants.

Focus on mental health medications.
Genetically-guided medication recommendations based on high-quality
published studies.
Decision support with a dynamic, live application tool.

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Precision Genetics


Precision Genetics Mental Health PGx Express PCR Genetic Test


Genetic testing that personalizes prescription medication

By testing genetic variants, our patient-centric approach optimizes relief and minimizes side effects of ineffective & unnecessary medication treatments

Patients, is your prescription medicine working for you?

Precision Genetics can provide genetic answers and valuable information needed for your provider to personalize your medicine and develop individualized treatment plans with a simple cheek swab test.

Providers, as a heathcare provider, are you effectively prescribing medicine to your patients?

Precision Genetics will provide you and your practice with the tools needed to accurately prescribe prescription
medication with pharmacogenetic testing.

Comprehensive, personalized approach, decision insights. A comprehensive and actionable report that combines genetic markers, molecular data, and clinical evidence.

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