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DNA Diagnostics Center DDC HomeDNA Healthy Test Box
DNA Diagnostic Center DDC HomeDNA HealthyWeight Contents
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DNA Diagnostics Center, Inc.

HomeDNA™ Healthy Weight (Discounted)

A personalized analysis and report provides the essential information you need from your DNA to tailor a weight-control program that can achieve real results.

$118.75 per test
Boston Heart Box
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Boston Heart Diagnostics

Whole Health Panel + Private Phlebotomy (Blood Draw) Included! (Discounted)

Helps individuals who want to a comprehensive assessment of their health done in the privacy of their own surroundings.

$942.00 per test
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Innovative Health Diagnostics

Women’s Hormone Panel (Discounted)

Helps individuals who want to assess their women’s hormone levels with ease of collection at home.

$115.63 per test
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