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Admera Health LLC

Available Now – NovaSeq 6000 S1 RunShare Lane (300 cycles) (Admera Health LLC)

$13,819.00 per Lane

Shared sequencing runs, from the Miniseq to the NovaSeq. In this case, it’s a NovaSeq.

NovaSeq Sequencing System is designed to do it all. Use it how you want to. Now virtually every genome, application, project and throughput is at your fingertips for impactful studies changing the future of human health.

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Sharing a sequencing lane should be as easy as sharing a car ride.

As scientists ourselves, we know that the amount of sequencing data that you need for some experiments doesn’t always exactly fit an existing sequencer capacity, resulting in wasted sequencing capacity. If you are looking to stretch your research funds further and are not in a rush, this program can customize your sequencing experience to your needs. 

Why should you sequence with RunShare?

  • Pickups along the way to save money

You don’t have to buy a sequencer to save money. Once you sign up for RunShare, the Meenta platform will look for people with a similar project to fill the rest of your sequencing lane. Greet your co-experimentors with a smile—together, you’re saving money. It’s like UberPool, but for sequencing!

  • It takes a little longer, but it’s worth it if you have the time

With extra projects to coordinate, RunShare may take a little longer to get there, but you’ll be able to get regular updates in the Meenta Genomics app. If you’re in a rush, try signing up directly for a sequencing lane in the Meenta Marketplace.

How does RideShare pricing work?

Once the final price for the project is agreed upon, each user submitting samples is billed individually an even share of the fee based on the lane you purchase plus an 8% platform fee. This is equivalent to the cost you see when you check out with this product.

Product Details

1. Request a sequencing RunShare.

Check out in the Meenta Marketplace with this product using the payment method you will be using for the project. Shortly after you check out, you will receive an automated email confirming your order and a request for information about your project.


2. Sequence your samples with other researchers.

Once you have been matched with other researchers, your libraries are confirmed to be compatible, then you will need to agree to the price of the experiment. A shared project will then be created in the Meenta Genomics app, where you can communicate with the host that operates the sequencing facility, as well as other researchers submitting samples. This is how we can offer you a low price, so expect additional researchers in that room that will be picked up along the way! You will then send your samples to the host for sequencing.


3. Get your data at a fraction of the cost of a full lane.

Simply download your data from within the app when it is ready! The reads will already be demultiplexed for you. We’ll charge the price you agreed to earlier. If your experience with the host was 5 stars, please rate them highly when prompted!

Sample Details

cDNA library

Payment Methods
  • Credit Card
  • PO Number

Note: These products and services are not returnable.


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