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ARCPoint Labs

Baseline Wellness Screen

$179.00 per Test Kit


When considering your health and wellness, its good to create a baseline so you are aware of any adjustments that need to be made to stay on track toward reaching your personal health goals. The AML Basic Wellness Panel will help provide a baseline understanding of key health factors that assess your red blood cells, electrolytes, thyroid function, risk of heart disease, and much more for better health.

Product Details
  • Next day results after the lab receives the sample!
  • 1/2 the amount of tubes needed for testing.
  • Competitive pricing w/o compromising quality.
  • All profiles can be customized to fit your needs

This panel includes:

  1. CBC with Diff
  2. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  3. Lipid Panel
  4. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Sample Details

Blood draw

Payment Methods
  • Credit Card
  • PO Number

Note: These products and services are not returnable.


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