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Boston Heart Diagnostics

Heart Health Early Detection Panel (Ages 20-40) + Private Phlebotomy (Blood Draw) Included !

$439.78 per test


Notice:  You must be fasting for at least 8 hours for this test (water is allowed)

  • Purpose: This blood test is for anyone ages 20-40 interested in a comprehensive look at their heart health
  • Benefits: Prevent heart disease by first learning more about your own risk factors
  • Technology: Clinical chemistry techniques on blood samples (phlebotomist blood draw included), resulting in a PDF report of each result (5-7 day turnaround time)
  • Convenient: schedule the at-home blood draw directly with a phlebotomist (included with test)
  • Comprehensive: includes tests for heart health, customized for the 20-40 age range
  • Fast: 5-7 day turn-around-time from when the lab received the sample

Why would I take this test?

Heart disease doesn’t happen just to older adults. It is happening to younger adults more and more often. This is partly because the conditions that lead to heart disease are happening at younger ages.

It is also becoming more well known that COVID-19 has often led to Long Term COVID and the heart is seen as one of the bigger issues, especially with underlying disease that may not yet be symptomatic. 

Our medical experts have designed this heart test panel along with the expertise of Boston Heart Diagnostics specifically for people aged 20-40 wanting to learn more about their risk of heart disease based on the latest science.

What does this test detect ?

  • ChBal, FatBal, apoB, TC, LDL-C, HDL-C, Lpa, sdLDL-C, TG, Ca, Cl, CO2, NA, K, Alb, Alk Phos, ALT, AST, Tbil, BUN, Creat, TP, Uric, CK, proBNP, FIB, LpPLA2, Gluc, ApoE, 9p21, 4q25, CBC with Differential
Product Details

How does the phlebotomy (Blood Draw) work?


A blood draw of multiple tubes is required and included with the purchase of this test. Once you checkout in the Meenta Marketplace, your shipping information will be used to reach out to you to schedule the blood draw(s). Because of the lab operating hours, you’ll have to schedule it to occur during working hours Monday – Thursday 8am – 6pm EST. Hawaii blood work will be done Monday – Wednesday) When you receive your sample collection kit, open test kit using box flaps. DO NOT tear open the corrugated flap

Look inside for instructions regarding how to prepare for your blood draw appointment.

    • The phlebotomist will come to you at a time and place of your choice within the United States.
  • For this test you must be fasting (no food or drink except water) for eight hours.
  • This test will be scheduled Mon-Thurs from 8am – 6pm EST (Mon-Weds in Hawaii).
  • Please remove the ice gel packs from the kit and freeze for at least 8 hours before your test.
  • Do not freeze anything else in the kit box.
  • Please fill out enclosed Lifestyle Questionnaire and read the other  instructions so you’re ready for the test.
  • For tests with Phlebotomy on same person: Save $150 on 2 panels, $300 on 3 and  >3 please call customer service.


What is included in my sample collection kit?

Included in your kit is:

  • Cardboard box
  • Styrofoam insulated cooler and two ice/gel packs 
  • You must take out the ice/gel packs and freeze them for at least 8 hours before your test can be done.  
  • Collection tubes, biohazard bags (do not freeze)
  • Paperwork (order form) and instructions (Please fill out enclosed Lifestyle Questionnaire and read instructions so ready for the test.)

How do I interpret my results?

Each results report comes with a custom interpretation based on your profile and a document indicating recommended lifestyle changes. It is recommended that if there are any abnormal findings you discuss them with a  primary care physician.

What is the turnaround time for this test?

The lab will process your sample 5-7 days from when they receive it at their lab.


Sample Details

Blood draw (phlebotomist required) of 4 tubes, including 2 Tiger Top tubes, 1 Pearl Top tubes, and 1 Lavender tube.

Payment Methods
  • Credit Card
  • HSA Card
  • ACH
  • PayPal
  • PO Number

Note: These products and services are not returnable. Check your kit expiration date upon receipt. Using expired test kits is not recommended because they may provide inaccurate results.


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