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MeentaSafe ™ Symptom Tracking App

$10.00 / month

The MeentaSafe™ platform is an all-inclusive solution for keeping your organization safe in this pandemic.

  • Symptom tracking: daily surveys result in a green “cleared” status, or a red “flagged” status determining if someone is safe to enter your location
  • Contact tracing: QR scanning can be used with the MeentaSafe™ Kiosk app to track foot traffic and trace possible exposure
  • Site control: QR code reveals if a person is flagged due to symptoms, exposure, or non-compliance
  • Analytics dashboard: organizations are provided population-level statistics to make informed decisions
  • Data security: all data workflows are HIPAA and SOC1-compliant allowing users to maintain data ownership
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MeentaSafe™ is both desktop and mobile-compatible, meaning you can easily access and use it on a PC or cell phone. It keeps track of your symptoms and COVID-19 molecular test results, and there is a subscription model where a group of people such as a company can use it to set up contact tracing and COVID-19 test scheduling. Each of these features is enabled by giving each user a unique identifier – a QR code – that acts as a back-to-work or back-to-society passport and can be scanned by any cell phone to reveal the status of the user – a green flag for passing all checkpoints (symptoms, compliance, and molecular testing), or a red flag for failing at least one of those checkpoints. Returning from red to green flag requires a certified medical practitioner to sign off.

This app can conveniently be used in a variety of settings: employers can control who should be allowed to re-enter the workplace, restaurants can control who are safe customers, surgeons can decide who they should be operating on, and friends can decide whether to have that family get-together. In the subscription model, group leaders get a summary dashboard of population-level statistics to make high-level decisions about shutting down sub-groups of people.

MeentaSafe ™ was made to be completely interoperable with any COVID-19 testing center or program, meaning that test results can be uploaded into the user profile from any other platform or lab. For users that are having trouble finding tests or navigating the complex logistics and coordination requirements to implement a COVID-19 program, Meenta has also developed relationships with enough test providers to sustain demand of 1M tests per week.

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