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Path Fertility

Path SpermQT™

$385.00 per test

Purpose: To raise the standard of care for male fertility testing by providing critical new information about sperm quality that can predict fertility potential and guide treatment planning. 


  • Goes beyond the typical fertility parameters of sperm count, concentration, motility and morphology.
  • Assesses underlying epigenetic factors that may impact a sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg.
  • Provides insight to which fertility treatment is most likely to succeed.
  • 6 times more predictive of pregnancy than standard semen analysis1 .
  • Allows men to take ownership of their role in fertility.

Sample type: At-home collection of semen sample

Technology: Epigenetic sperm quality test that provides a molecular, DNA-based analysis of sperm quality

Turnaround time: Within 2 weeks from receipt in the lab

Reference: Path SpermQT White Paper



All SpermQT™ test takers must meet the 18 year old minimum age requirement.  This test is only available in the USA. 


All SpermQT™ tests are reviewed and approved by an independent board-certified physician licensed in your state.


  • Provides more information about sperm quality that a traditional semen analysis cannot
  • Provides information about underlying epigenetic factors
  • May help predict chances of conception
  • Provides insight to which fertility treatment is most likely to succeed
  • Allows men to take ownership of their role in fertility


Epigenetics can impact the path to pregnancy, even when a semen analysis is within normal range1. Path SpermQT is a male fertility test that analyzes sperm quality based on epigenetic patterns. 

Unlike the current standard semen analysis, this breakthrough technology provides a molecular, DNA-based profile of epigenetic quality factors and assesses the sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg once it gets there.  

Path SpermQT analyzes the genes within the sperm and provides a score of Excellent, Average, or Poor sperm quality as a result. Data shows that those with an Excellent Path SpermQT result had almost a 3x higher chance of pregnancy than those with a Poor result when undergoing IUI².  There was no significant difference in pregnancy rates when undergoing IVF, indicating that IVF can help overcome epigenetic sperm quality issues².

Path SpermQT also identifies men who have normal concentration and normal total motile count, but whose Poor epigenetic sperm quality will likely require them to undergo IVF to conceive².   

DNA methylation is looking at the addition or subtraction of methyl groups that sit on top of the DNA itself that can modify the functionality and expression of the gene.  With methylation, there may not be any breaks or loss of integrity in the DNA but there are methyl groups sitting on top of the DNA itself.  These methyl groups can alter sperm performance.  

Figure used by permission of author: Carrell, D.T. (2019)3.


Knowing this valuable information ahead of time means couples can save time and improve pregnancy rates by moving on to treatments that are more likely to succeed².



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  2. Path SpermQT White Paper; Jenkins, Tim et al. “The impact of zinc and folic acid supplementation on sperm DNA methylation: results from the folic acid and zinc supplementation randomized clinical trial (FAZST).” Fertility and sterility vol. 117,1 (2022): 75-85. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2021.09.009
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Product Details

How predictive is this test?

This test is 6 times more predictive of pregnancy than standard semen analysis.

How is this different than a standard semen test?

This test assesses the sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg once it gets there. A standard semen test only tests the ability of the semen to reach the egg.

How can I use the results of this test?

The results may allow you to increase your pregnancy rate sooner by pointing to which type of treatment will most likely lead to pregnancy.

Is Path SpermQT FDA approved?

This test is a Lab Developed Test under CAP/CLIA guidelines.

Is Path SpermQT covered by insurance or FSA/HSA?

At this time, we are currently self-pay only. However, if patients have an HSA or FSA account, they might be able to seek reimbursement from their plan.  The first step would be for the patient to check with their plan; if the plan approves the expense, the patient can pay for a kit with their personal credit card and then submit a receipt to their plan for reimbursement.

Are there any published papers about this technology and its performance?

We have a white paper that is available for download and will have a peer-reviewed paper available soon!

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  • Credit Card
  • HSA Card
  • ACH
  • PayPal
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