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Visby Medical

Visby COVID-19 Rapid PCR POC 10-Pack Tests

From: $1,550.00 per package (10 tests per package)

PCR …in the palm of your hand. Reduce patient anxiety with a PCR test you can run on-site, right at the point of care — now available.

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    Visby Rapid COVID-19 PCR Test Kit

    PCR ...in the palm of your hand. Reduce patient anxiety with a PCR test you can run on-site, right at the point of care — now available.

    Due to exceptionally high demand, this product has been placed on backorder status. However, you can still place your order now to be first in line when they arrive. If you can’t wait, please contact us at sales@meenta.io and we will match you to another product that fits your testing needs.

    $1,550.00 each

    Visby Rapid COVID-19 PCR Test - Power Cord

    A power cord is required to use this test and can only power one test unit at a time. If you want to run multiple tests at the same time, you will need multiple power cords.

    Available on backorder

    • Fast, accurate results. True PCR results in under 30 minutes. Goodbye empiric treatment – hello data-driven decisions. No more compromising between speed and accuracy.
    • Sensitive. Enzyme-linked DNA detection provides a boost in sensitivity and enables colorimetric detection.
    • Easy-to-Use. Simply drop in the sample, slide the port, push the buttons, and plug it in. That’s it. The Visby Medical platform is a breeze to use at the point of care and requires little to no training.
    • No capital investment, no maintenance contracts. Be untethered from both! Is it instrument-free or cartridge-free? It’s both because it is all-in-one. No expensive service or repair contracts.
    • 17 patents and counting. A tiny device, yet exceptionally big on innovation.
    • Tiny footprint. At ~3 by 4 inches small, it’s easily deployable at the point of care. Imagine PCR results at your fingertips, ending the need to send samples away (now you can bill for on-site tests).
    • Streamlined — no separate instrument or cartridge needed. Elegantly simple, yet highly sophisticated, single-use design. That’s a big positive impact for a tiny device
    Product Details
    • PCR results to treat in one visit. That’s a first! Visby Medical reduced a ~6-day central lab wait time down to under 30 minutes at the point-of-care. You can now talk with your patient about the result, during the visit. Patient loss-to-care may become a thing of the past. That’s a positive impact you’ll appreciate.
    • The biggest improvements are often the smallest. Visby Medical shrank the traditional sofa-sized PCR lab-instrument down to the palm of your hand. Now it’s portable, and easily deployable, in a ~3 by 4 inch device. Revolutionary.
    • Greater than ~97% accuracy. A small miracle. Capable of identifying multiple pathogens from the same sample, the miniaturized Visby Medical device delivers greater than ~97%1 accuracy just like central lab instruments, only ~1,000 times smaller. That’s huge.
    • Surge capacity, without capital investment or maintenance. Is it instrument-free or is it cartridge-free? It’s both, because it’s all-in-one, single-use, and disposable. Add more tests as your testing demand increases. Scale back as patient demand subsides. Order today and begin testing as soon as tomorrow.2 2. Depending on shipping.


    Sample Details

    Mid-turbinate swab, or Nasal (anterior nares) swab


    COVID-19 Testing - BioIQ

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    Note: These products and services are not returnable. Check your kit expiration date upon receipt. Using expired test kits is not recommended because they may provide inaccurate results.


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