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Remote healthcare – Is it for you?  

By, Christine Wilson, PhD, ANP-BC, FNP-B

June 14, 2022

While remote healthcare has been around for a while, the pandemic has kicked it into full gear.  The use of remote visits to prevent the spread of Covid-19 was a public health strategy but even as the pandemic wanes, remote visits are becoming the norm. 

But is it for the provider?

Whereas before most clinicians pre-Covid did not charge for remote visits, now there are diagnostic codes for billing, so it is good for the provider..

The provider staff isn’t responsible for putting the patient in a room, taking vital signs and signing the patient out. 

Remote care has greatly increased calls for the clinician’s office. What does calling for the 1) appointment, 2) day of visit for payment/co-pay, and 3 ) actual visit mean for you?  It means it is harder for you to get through to speak to office staff when you need them as staff are tied up answering remote visit calls.

Is it for the insurance companies?

It has been shown to decrease Emergency Room use thereby decreasing insurance companies costs.  

Remote monitoring means less travel and life/work disruption for you.  It offers you care when you need it, wherever you are, but remember it is also for the provider as it decreases no-shows.

It may provide you greater access to your clinician and if you have mobility issues it certainly is easier. It does give the provider additional information about you between in person visits so you may get better treatment.

It keeps you away from places with high infection rates: hospitals, clinics, doctors offices.

If you like being in the driver’s seat it may be for you.

It allows you to have more control of your health by taking your own pulse, blood pressure, EKG etc at home.

How to expand virtual health with you in control?

Meenta believes every organization, provider & individual should have ACCESS to any test available in the world. We are changing the way the world accesses science & medicine and believe in changing how diagnoses are made.  Results are secure and only shared with you.  Privacy is prime at Meenta.  Meenta has created a marketplace of multiple lab tests to empower everyone in caring for their health and life-style.  We believe you should get to choose the tests that are the right ones for you and your family!

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