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Do I have Seasonal Allergies?

Must be pollen time again because I feel crummy…

Pollen seasons have become longer and are more severe every season for the past few decades. This has caused a lot of aggravation to those with allergies and asthma.1

Pollen is the most common cause of outdoor allergies, and causes the most allergic rhinitis in the population.Allergic rhinitis (AR) is an inflammation of the nasal passage due to allergy, and cough is one of the most common symptoms. Many also get sore throats from the nasal drip in the back of their throat and all the coughing. 

Other symptoms of allergies include: nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and itching.3

Runny nose, cough/sore throat, tiredness, muscle aches are the most common symptoms seen with the Omnicron strain of the Covid virus.4

Wait, what !?!?  The most common symptoms for allergies and Omicron are the same?!?  Runny nose, congestion, cough/sore throat…. Then how do I know if this is my allergies or if I have Omicron – does it matter?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it does. Their Covid information sheets start with “Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines. Get tested if you have symptoms.”5   Why?  Because there is a treatment you can get if you have Omicron. While your symptoms may only mimic allergies – not all the long term effects of Covid are known. 

It was predicted that less tests would be needed coming into this spring and summer so production tapered off only to have Omicron hit. Now predictions are again suggesting a drop in the need for testing supplies.6  With production falling off and new variants cropping up and people needing to be tested…  It just doesn’t add up. But there is something you can do. Protect yourself and your family by being prepared. 

How do you become prepared?  Meenta wants to help you do just that. We believe in changing how diagnoses are made.  We believe in labs without borders so that every organization, provider & individual has ACCESS. Everyone deserves the best outcomes. 

We are changing the way the world accesses science & medicine. Our goal is to empower you in caring for your family. Meenta offers multiple Covid-19 testing kits so you can choose the one that is right for you and your family! 

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