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Meenta for Biotech

All the resources your R&D team needs

Outsource services on demand. All in just a few clicks.

How it Works

Simplify Your R&D Operations

Innovate faster with Meenta. Find available instruments anywhere in no time.

  • 12 day Turnaround Guarantee

    with free re-runs for non instrument failures

  • 650 In-Network Instruments

    across all states in US

  • Trusted Service Providers

    Clear host ranking system

  • Book on Demand 24/7

    No need for quoting. Click & Book.

  • Optimize Costs

    Compare prices across hundreds of instruments

  • Scale as Needed

    Add or remove instruments on the fly

Strategic Sourcing Made Easy

Stay competitive with a paperless and friction-free sourcing service.

  • Setup Your Organization in Less than a Day

    Manage your users and track usage

  • A Single Master Service Agreement

    Clear language and pricing. No hidden costs

  • Scalable and Flexible

    Customize Meenta to your needs

  • Dedicated Support Staff

    Simple onboarding for you and your team

Search for an Instrument Now

No payment required until you book an instrument.

Search Now

How it Works

Meenta makes it easy for both researchers and hosts to start accessing labs across the world.

Find an Instrument

Search from hundreds of live instruments

Book an Instrument

Assign your libraries to an instrument in minutes

Ship your Samples

Print the generated shipping label and send your samples

Get Your Data

Download your data from the secure Meenta Cloud—now or any time in the future


Turnaround Guarantee

Unlimited Data

Stored in Meenta Cloud

Why Meenta?

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Free to sign-up and you only ever pay for the instruments you book.

Free to Sign-Up

No cost to search


for instruments you book


booking fee

Chat directly with the host

Self-service quotes

Sample tracking

Re-run guarantee

12-day turnaround

First in queue instrument access

Trusted by Leading Institutions

Our customers are leading the way to a global connected lab making science accessible to all.

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