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Meenta for CROs

Differentiate your CRO's brand and grow your clientele

Don’t settle for getting just leads. Offer direct booking of your instruments in just a few clicks

How it Works

Let the World Reach Your Expertise

Meenta makes it easy to keep your instruments and staff fully utilized.

  • Machine Learning Enabled Instrument Selection

    BETA Match the right sample with the right instrument

  • Improve Your Customers’ Experience

    Skip the endless proposals with direct booking of instruments

  • Control Project Scope

    Ensure every project starts and ends right

  • Control Pricing

    Set your own instrument and service prices

  • Setup Your Organization in Less than a Day

    Start from scratch or integrate with your existing systems

Enable Strategic Growth

Think longer term and secure recurring business.

  • Easy Access

    Let existing pharma partners book instruments with ease

  • Scalable and Flexible

    Customize Meenta to your needs

  • Monitor Your Growth

    One dashboard with instrument and user analytics

How it Works

Meenta makes it easy for biotechs and pharma to book your instruments and services from anywhere in the world.

Provision Your Instrument

Select your instrument and specify your run details

Accept Booking

Accept incoming bookings with a single click

Track Your Orders

Automatically update your users on their sample status

Message Users

Skip the emails. Every detail in a simple messaging app

Simple & Transparent Pricing

We only get paid when we grow your business


No payment until a user books

Customize your Instrument Experience

Internal Users


Chat in App with Users

Self-Service Quotes

Sample Tracking

User Analytics & Reporting

Organization Wide Dashboard

API Access

Trusted by Leading Institutions

Our customers are leading the way to a global connected lab making science accessible to all.


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