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1. Provision your Instruments

Preconfigured instrument templates allow you to add equipment, set up prices and customize your sample submission process.

We will list your institution’s name, instrument type, instrument configuration and availability, sample submission criteria, price and data formats available to the user.

Common Questions and Answers

1. Who can become a Host?
You can become a Host if you own an instrument at a US-based accredited academic institution or a commercial entity in good standing and willing to accept samples.

2. How do I inform the user of our sample submission requirements?
The requirements during your sample submission including QC are part of the Instrument Set Up Wizard process in your online account; they include Fluorescent Assay, Library Size, QPCR, Qubit. Users will be able to see it during their booking process.

3. How do I make a single lane available?
Use Instrument Set Up Wizard process in your online account to provision your instrument to be available on a per lane or per flow basis. Then select Create Scheduled Run option. This will allow you to indicate the date, number of available lanes and configurations such as read length, read type, etc.

2. Accept an Incoming Request with a Single Click

Hosts have to comply with the sample submission and delivery deadlines. The dashboard in the app will help you manage the booking and notify both the Host and the User at each step in the process.

Common Questions and Answers

1. How are we going to know sample quality?
As a Host you determine what quality parameters (if any) you require in order to accept a booking request. Users will see your requirements when they go through the booking and host’s sample submission process.

3. Track your Orders

The app will notify both users and hosts at every step; when to submit samples, when samples are on the instrument and data delivery.

Common Questions and Answers

How do I track an order?
Both the shipment and the step of each booking can be tracked in your user account or on the Mobile App (coming soon). Any user with access to a sample can review the booking.

How do I know when the sample arrives?
When an order is transited between the user and a service provider, we provide updates via email and the sample messaging feature within your account.

Can we ship a sample back?
Yes, you can communicate with the User in the messenger feature to coordinate the return and print a shipping label.

4. Communicate with your Users Every Step of the Way

Hosts can securely communicate with the User directly from within the app using our in-app chat service. All steps for each booking through data delivery are logged in the app for easy viewing.

5. Securely Deliver Results

Transfer the user’s data through our secure Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage space. Meenta allows users to keep the data in the cloud.

The data transfer is built into the app and happens through a secure cloud-based environment. It is free to both the Host and the User for 30 days.

Common Questions and Answers

How to deliver data?
When FASTQ files are ready, use Upload token to upload the files to our secure cloud storage. Our platform will notify the User once the upload is complete.

Additionally we have a range of upload and transfer options to meet either the researcher or service providers transfer preferences and security requirements.

6. Get Paid—We Handle All the Billing for You

Once the data is delivered, Meenta pays you via purchase order (net 30 days from the date of the data transfer with other payment options available).

Meenta charges an 8% reservation fee on every booking, billed monthly to the Host. A subscription is also available with additional features and a reduced booking fee.

FREE – all users from within your organization can run their sequencing projects with Meenta with no platform fee.

Common Questions and Answers

1. How do the Hosts get paid?
Hosts will be paid within 30 days of uploading User’s data to the Meenta cloud. Meenta will send payment to the billing address shown in the host profile. (ACH, Purchase Order)

2. What if Meenta is unable to collect the Host’s genomic service fees?
Our Host Terms and Conditions require Meenta to pay the Host for all the services rendered.

3. Does Meenta subtract the Host fee from our genomic service price?
No, Meenta’s host service fee is invoiced to the host every month.

4. Is there a penalty for missing a data delivery date?
A late sample submission fee of 1% may be applied when a User consistently submits samples less than 2 business days prior to the Instant booking date.

A late data delivery fee of 1% may be applied to the Host when they miss their Data delivery date.

5. Is there a fee for a month when no booking was made?
Simply No! We charge only when there is a booking. Having an active account or temporarily deactivated account is free.

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Submission and Delivery Deadlines

The timely arrival of samples is crucial to on time instrument runs and data delivery time lines.

  • Day 0

  • Day 2

  • Day 4

    Sample Arrival
  • Day 6

    Run Window
  • Day 16

    Data Delivery*

Late Submission

Users’ timely sample delivery prevents any run delays and allows other samples schedule for the same run to be completed on time. Similarly, host’s timely data delivery allows users to complete their projects within deadlines. Users may be charged a 1% fee if their sample arrives consistently late, or if it is submitted in less than 2 business days prior to the start date of the isntrument run. Why a fee? The Host will have to reschedule your sample and potentially delay another User’s samples.

Cancellation Policy

Both User and Host can cancel an order within the first 48 hours of booking without penalties. If you cancel the order after the initial 48 hours, you will then be allowed to cancel only 3 orders every 6 months. If you cancel more than 3 bookings, your account might be deactivated.

Late Data Delivery

Hosts may be charged a 1% fee if they consistently miss their data delivery date, which is usually 8-10 days from the Instrument Run Window.

* Time is estimated and exact time can change depending on the sample quality, instrument failures or other factors.

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