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Ten Easy Steps to Lab Onboarding with Meenta

Colleen Waclawik, MT(ASCP), Kyle Tretina, Ph.D.

1. The lab signs a laboratory services agreement (LSA) with Meenta (~1 week).

Without our partners, we would never be able to reach our mission of making the world’s lab capabilities more accessible exactly where they are needed. We want to be the most valuable partners that our labs have, fully leveraging our extensive sales, marketing, support and clinical teams. Also utilize our technical capabilities (user interfaces, regulatory agency reporting, etc.) to help you scale your business quickly. The first step is establishing a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), filling out some basic information, as well as a laboratory services agreement (LSA) to formalize our partnership. Shortly after signing, we’ll send out a welcome packet with appropriate information to get started.

2. The lab fills out a Meenta Marketplace questionnaire for each product (~2 days).

We collaborate with our partners, helping them establish which of their products they want to be on the Meenta Marketplace and which are better suited for enterprise customers. As an essential next step in this collaboration, we want to learn more about your products through our Meenta Marketplace questionnaire, where we gather all of the appropriate information to be able to take your product to market and support you in the best possible way. This questionnaire is then sent internally to our clinical team for quality assurance review, our marketing team to establish positioning, and to our product team to properly display your product to our customers.

3. Meenta Customer Success Manager approves your product (~1 day).

We think that better accessibility to your lab’s services and products can transform your business. Once we have fully reviewed your information, your customer success manager will reach out to you to initiate the technical aspects of integrating the Meenta Platform and your data management system.

4. (Optional) If needed, the laboratory partner saves a physician’s signature on file (one email).

At this point, for some labs where all testing is going to be performed under the supervision of a single supervising physician and that physician could be remotely supervising tests, it may be useful to put this signature on file with the laboratory to increase workflow efficiency.

5. The lab IT team assesses data capabilities and requirements for data transfer with Meenta (~1 days).

While not every lab is ready to partner with us, we’ve made the technical integration and transfer of data as simple as possible and are constantly trying to improve it. We have manual, SFTP and API options in place, and we can provide instructions for the route that your lab chooses. We make it a goal to never let a technical requirement keep us from working with one of our partners.

6. The lab IT team meets with Meenta’s onboarding team to discuss technical requirements and refinements (30min).

After a single chat, we’re typically able to establish the specifics of the format of the data for orders (which includes HHS reporting data) and results, identifying the key requirements on each side, including unique internal test identifiers. This is typically followed by a couple emails with example files to demonstrate the formats needed.

7. Meenta provides appropriate permissions and access to SFTP server / API (3hrs).

After sending us a list of lab IT team contacts requiring secure access, we’ll send email invites to the resources needed. Each individual needs their own unique login credentials so that we can track activity on our end in a way that is compliant with our security protocols.

8. The lab IT team and Meenta completes a mock data transfer (~1 days).

Once we have established file formats, we’ll complete a mock data transfer of fake result data to show that we both understand the file formats we’ve agreed to.

9. Meenta completes an end-to-end wet run from ordering sample collection materials to receipt of results (~2 days, depending on the product).

Our main goal in this partnership is to become the most frictionless sales channel partner that you can find. That means that pre-qualified orders are coming in at the rate you want them to, and every person placing those orders is as happy as possible with their experience. In order to accomplish this, we take pride in conducting the market research necessary to fully understand your product on its own and in the context of other products of similar kinds. One key part of that is the wet run, where a person from our marketing team orders the products and completes the entire experience from start to finish just as anyone else would, taking notes along the way. Those notes are then used to guide our instructions to our customers so that your product is being matched with the right people, when they need it, and that they are using it correctly.

10. Meenta adds products to the marketplace!

This is the exciting part. Once we’ve completed steps 1–9, we’re ready to launch. If you’ve agreed, your product will go live on marketplace.meenta.io and you’re ready to start reaching more customers!

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