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How do I access my test results?

Category: Clinical Diagnostics

Sign up at https://testing.meenta.io/register. You must create an account on the Meenta Testing portal to activate tests and access results. This is separate from your Meenta Marketplace account, though you can use the same email.

All customers over the age of 18 must create their own Testing account with individual login credentials (email address, DOB, etc) and complete the required patient forms. Minors under 18 may complete testing under their guardian’s account.

Once logged into your account, you can activate test kits, complete patient forms, and access test results.

If you are an individual who purchased a Lucira All-In-One test kit, to access your test you can:

If you were assigned a test by your employer, you can access it with your Meenta Testing App. Follow the email invite link, or go directly to your Meenta Testing portal. Please ensure you are using the same email address that your employer used to send you the invite.

We recommend using Google Chrome as your internet browser when using the Meenta Platform.

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