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What is Meenta relative to labs?

Category: Life Sciences

Meenta is:

  • An online platform made up of a marketplace to sell your products (similar to AirBnB or Amazon), and software to deliver your services to business customers and individual consumers. 
  • A unified team of marketing, sales, customer success and support, and also software developers and engineers,  make the onboarding process smooth. Our team, with extensive experience in the life sciences industry, all work together to increase your product visibility, brand awareness, and ultimately your revenue.
  • A community of customers that are consumers who value technology, innovation, convenience, transparency, and customer care. 
  • An innovative, frictionless and free sales channel that owns your customer experience, including your most difficult customers. We can transform manual, paper-based order forms and results processes into digital custom forms. Not to mention, removing your biggest customer support headaches. 

Meenta is NOT:

  • A lab, since we do not own any lab space.
  • A direct consumer of your product, so you will need to list your product on the Meenta Marketplace before you see demand increase for it. 
  • Your competition, since we win when you win. We see all of our labs as partners and we treat them as such.

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